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Trees are beautiful for so many reasons. From providing a home to birds to accentuating the beauty of our residential and commercial properties and providing shade, trees are worth cherishing and preserving if possible.

Our team at Henson’s Tree Service offers a wide range of tree care, maintenance and removal services in South Carolina and nearby regions. From checking the health of your tree to its safe removal, our team makes sure that your property is secure and beautiful at all times keeping the tree’s health in mind.

Comprehensive Tree Care Services in South Carolina

We offer a broad range of tree services to help our customers out when the need arises. Our licensed and insured team uses up to date techniques and tools to get your tree problems covered. We keep safety and customer satisfaction first priority and offer a wide range of tree care services, some of which include –

Tree Removal

Tree removal is often considered a dangerous and time-consuming project depending on the size of the tree.  Any tree that has aged or is posing a risk to your home/neighborhood should be removed immediately to prevent any serious accident. At Henson’s Tree Service, our tree specialists know how to remove a tree safely and securely from its current location. No matter if you have a dangerous tree or a slightly damaged tree, give us a call and we’ll be available to assess and come up with a solution.

Tree Trimming & Topping

A well-maintained lawn looks beautiful and adds to the beauty of your home. Trees cut or trimmed up to a specific height plays an important role in defining the quality of your property. Tree trimming and topping makes sure that your safety and curb appeal is maintained. Any protruding branch or limb that is hindering views or overhanging common areas of your exterior is removed or trimmed down to perfect length to ensure your green landscape.

Tree Topping in Fall and Winter (October – March)

One of the most prominent problems in the winter season is caused by snow. The trees are mostly affected in the colder season which affects the health of the tree in the long run. Topping down the trees in winter protects the integrity of trees as well as ensures its health throughout the season. You can leave this task to our professional team and rest assured that your trees will be healthy all year long.

Tree Thinning and Canopy Trimming

A dense and full-grown green tree is visually pleasant and gives the property character. However, sometimes such dense trees can create problems for you as well as your neighborhood. Trimming the canopies once in a while is good for the health of the tree and maintains its height up to a healthy level. Our tree care experts are adept at selective tree thinning, which further ensures the healthy growth of trees.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is usually considered a tedious task and one that is put off. However, our team at Henson’s Tree Service is known to remove stumps as if they were never there. We dig out the ground, expose the roots, and treat the roots that removes all signs of the tree eventually. Our approach and expertise will help you get rid of stumps that might affect the beauty of your green yard.

Lot Clearing

Are you waiting for your garden to be cleared? Are you looking for a safe space to dispose? Our team at Henson’s is here to help you through. Right from checking your subject lot to clearing and disposing it to a safer area, we make sure that your place is left cleared to your specifications. Simply hire our lot clearing experts and see how we can do the task with precision and perfection.

Storm Damage Repair

Natural calamities like storms can strike without any warnings. Storms are known to damage and break trees in seconds. Sometimes the tree can even break into two or split down the side and cause tremendous damage. Our team specializes in emergency storm services, hauling off the mess, and improve your property like never before. If you ever need storm damage services, we are just a call away.

Contact Our Tree Care Experts

If you are looking for tree removal and maintenance services for your property, our team at Henson’s Tree Services can provide you with the complete tree services in town. Contact us at 864-237-3808 to get the best tree care services today!

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